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How I Maintain Clear & Glowing Skin!

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

I finally did it! I am giving you’ll the skin care routine that you’ve been asking (and waiting long enough) for! Since my Christmas break, I’ve been trying to get back on schedule with blogging. I took off a semester in the fall and when I came back a few weeks ago, everything just hit me hard. However, I have to balance out somewhere, so here we are.

We are going to jump right into the recipes and routine I have been using/tweaking since 2012. This is how I wash, exfoliate, tone, moisturize and detox my face.


What you’ll need:

· Foaming soap dispenser

· 1/4 C. Baby Mild Castile soap (cleanser & safe for all types)

· 2/3 C. Distilled water (contaminant & chlorine free)

· 1.5 Tablespoons Jojoba (or whichever you prefer) oil

· 2-4 Drops Lavender essential oil (antioxidant & antifungal)

· 2 Drops Lemon essential oil (tightens pores & oil control)

· 20-25 Drops Tea Tree essential oil (blemishes & mild acne)


Mix all ingredients into foam bottle and gently shake to disperse before use. That’s It! I wash my face 2x daily (morning/evening). I make a batch for the shower and a batch for my countertop. If you use one dispenser, I would suggest doubling the recipe for a full bottle.


What you’ll need:

· 4 oz mason jar or container of choice

· Stain-less steel mixing bowl

· Wooden or stainless-steel large spoon

· 10-15 drops Lemon essential oil

(detoxifying & removes dead skin cells)

· 2 Tbs. Ground Turmeric

(helps scarring & anti-inflammatory)

· 1 C. Turbinado Cane sugar (add more if you want thicker)

(natural humectant & holds shape while scrubbing)

· 1/4 C. Fractionated coconut oil or oil of choice

(moisturizing & non-pore clogging)


Mix all ingredients in bowl until combined evenly. Pour into airtight jar and store up to 6 months in a dry cool area. I exfoliate 1-2 x a week for a burst of skin renewal. Don’t use wet hands to get product from jar. Also be mindful that Turmeric will stain. Rinse face thoroughly to prevent tinting and I also keep rubbing alcohol near in case it slightly stains my sink for an easy clean up.


What you’ll need:

· 1/2 -1 C. of fresh, chemical-free roses

(Ph balancing, removes excess dirt, hydrates)

· 2 C. Water

· Large pot

· Strainer


· Rinse Roses thoroughly and tear off petals.

· Add roses to pot of water

· Cover pot and bring to a boil, then simmer

· Simmer until petals turn white (or colorless)

· Turn off heat and let cool completely

· Strain water into dark airtight glass bottle

· Refrigerate and use regularly up to 30 days

I use bamboo face rounds to tone my face, wiping in an upward motion.To refresh, I simply spray 2-3 pumps near my face. In the photo I used a mason jar, however the mouth is too big, glass is clear and allows for cross contamination, so I used an amber colored glass bottle I purchased from Amazon for easier access and shelf life. Toner hue will mimic rose color, for a deeper hue use red roses.


What you’ll need:

· Vitamin E oil (JASON or NOW 14,000 IU)

Vitamin E oil protects from pollution & nourishes. The High IU (International units) is due to the FDA’s recommended intake of 22.4 IU. After patting my face dry, I put a few drops into my clean hands from a dropper bottle and gently rub my face in circular motions.


What you’ll need:

· Raw Honey or another form of mask

(Simple Truth Rose & Lavender clay mask)


I detoxify my face 1x a week, usually on a Sunday.

This helps me to really get deep into my pores to draw out impurities and provide an extra clean surface for tightened and bright skin. Since a store bought mask will have instructions, when I use Honey as a mask (just depends on how I feel that day), I simply put Honey in clean dry hands and put an even layer onto my face and let it sit until it starts running (I’m usually in the shower by then).

I follow up with cool/lukewarm water and pat dry. Sometimes I make my own clay mask which works the same as most store-bought ones, but that’s for another day!

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist; these methods are what works for me and a few of my close friends/family who use them too. They are used in the order they are listed. I wet my face before each step except toning and detoxifying.

*** If you make any of the above, please let me know how you like it in the comments below and/or on my Instagram page!

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