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New Direction, New Color

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Ever go into a remodeling frenzy and end up with a whole new room?

Yep, that’s definitely me! 3 months ago I was bored with my room and how it looked while I filled it with fresh plants at a rate that my friends called obsessive. My black bedroom set just was not cutting it for creating a bright room for the summer.

Buying a new bed was NOT in my budget at the time, but I needed so badly to have a new space I could smile at when I entered it.

All laid out and ready to be brightened!

This baby was tough to sand down and took 4-5 coats of paint.

White paint! I’ve seen people paint their furniture for a new look at a price that was unbeatable before. Boy was I intimidated. I wasn’t sure where to start since it would be my first time painting furniture of any kind. I said what the heck and headed to Lowe's so that I could browse the paint selection. OVERWHELMING! I will tell no lies….. I spent a good 2 hours in that store and walked out with a gallon of Semi-Gloss White Interior Paint . I couldn’t decide between the different shines nor how much I needed for a queen sized bed frame and two night stands.

Talk about a $23 headache.

This paint was really smooth and super easy to work with.

Fast forward to the next day after work and I was ready to start my new project which would be oh so simple and quick! Or so I thought. Between doing back bends and painting 2-3 coats including drying time, I was beat by the time I finished 3 hours later. The excitement I felt when I awakened the next day and saw how white my frame and nightstands were, I was so excited that I just HAD to put it together in the 20 mins I had left before leaving for work.

Then it hit me…. My entire body was on FIRE!!! My back was so stiff. My legs ached so much. It was a 3 day healing process of Epsom salt, Chamomile tea and Plant Therapy.

So Bright!

After I got home and rearranged my room, it was time for some decor….. What better decor than green to compliment and brighten a white bed set? I moved all of my tropical plants into my bedroom and purchased a Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier from Walmart. Why haven’t I been using a humidifier? My sleep is so much better and not to mention my breathing is easier as well. Myself and my humidity loving plants are happy campers! After setting up my plants in their new space, I was finally done and topped my bed off With bright summer colors and a Crisp White Duvet. This was my first big painting project and I must say, I am very pleased with the results and the feeling my room gives me when I walk into it everyday. Air BNB anyone?

Finished Product!

Have you done any big projects around your home? What were the results?

Would you do it again or hire a professional?

Comment below and lets chat.

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