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I. Am. Back. Did You Miss Me?

I sure missed you'll! Hello beautiful people,

I hope everyone of you are finding ways to cope during our ongoing pandemic. It has been rough for us all and I am sending positive vibes and light in your direction.

Where Have I been?!?

Listen! These past few months have been so rough! I have been deep diving into my Environmental Science studies, battling the pandemic changes, working full-time (Thankfully), and just dealing with life in general. My stress meter has overflown too many times for comfort and I have finally been able to pull myself together for my blog and my mental health in general!

So What's New?!

Whew! Nothing too much has changed my way. I am working on bettering my time management since working from home for 5+ months, cause that went downhill VERY quickly. I am still working on becoming 100% debt free. I am still a plant mama, although, can you believe I have not purchased a plant in MONTHS?!?! I have been that busy you'll! I am juggling a lot and since realizing that, I have taken measures to get myself back to what I am used to. Among all of the chaos, ya girl has made the decision to study abroad in Sweden! Sweden has always been on my list of places to visit and after months of researching.... lets see if a move will happen after I graduate! I will be visiting either spring or fall semester in a few months. I'm just awaiting the applications to open back up in a few days, so wish me luck! IKEA here I come lol! I kid, I kid....Maybe....

In Other News...

I have been working on two E-books during the pandemic as well and am FINALLY finished! The first which is titled "Unveiling the Minimalist in You" will be available for purchase Sept.1 right here on my website! Of course I will touch on the minimalist/ Zero-Waste lifestyle that I practice and am continually learning about on a daily basis. I will also give tips on how to start your journey! Later on I will also have zero-waste goodies in the store for purchase, so stay tuned in! Be on the lookout in your inbox for E-book updates. I am so happy to be back and be here to chat with you'll! Email me or comment below.

What have you been doing to stay grounded during the pandemic? Chat with me below!

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