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You want to start a WHAT?!

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

That was one of the mixed responses I received after finally taking the plunge to start my very own blog. What will I talk about? Are my crafts really that interesting? I mean, I do research a ton when taking on a task and letting my creative juices flow. Will I sound to lax or maybe too professional? Will people even read what I have to write about?

Whew! You can imagine how my brain was doing back flips! Self doubt can really be a back stabber at times. Yet, here I am sipping my fall blend coffee and starting my blog. Ironically, the mug that I’m sipping from says “follow your dreams”. I’ve always been a very crafty person. Somehow it just comes naturally and when I get the itch to do something I organize a plan to make it happen!

So what WILL I be blogging about you ask? Well, lets see…. My main topics will be about all of the projects I do in my apartment from redesigning to making my own natural products and trying to live a greener lifestyle under the “DIY” section of the site. Next up we have the “Take a gander” tab that will show you how I mix and match my decor during the seasons to keep my space looking and feeling inviting and warm. Can you take a guess at what “All The Monies” is about? If you guessed financial freedom , then you are correct! Over the past few years I have dipped in the idea and books of becoming financially free of debt. I give tips and reading recommendations on how to slowly start making your way up the financial freedom mountain, while I climb with you. Lastly, we have “Plant Babies”, because who doesn’t LOVE plants and a pop of green in their home? I talk about what plants work great for different spaces decor wise and how to keep them thriving even if your thumb is black!

I hope that I can share this part of my life with you’ll and teach some of the things I’ve gathered through research, trial and error over the past few years and even months.

My name is Ali and Welcome to The Modern- Hippie!

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